Corporate and Bank Uniforms

When it comes to corporate wear, we believe that looking sharp and feeling comfortable helps promote better
standards of professionalism and excellence for individuals at every level of your company.

A different class of uniforms.

Our premium quality uniforms and corporate clothing play a vital role in projecting a professional corporate image, while improving worker performance, comfort and confidence.  Optimizing the design, cut and fabrication of our clothing ensures that our products satisfy the emotional needs of workers in today's demanding workplace.

An employee in a uniform is more likely to take work seriously. The overall environment of the workplace can be greatly enhanced with formal uniforms, ensuring that employees will come to work in appropriate clothing, avoiding distractions such as trends and improper / overly revealing clothes. Corporate uniforms play an integral role in a company’s environment and development. They promote an atmosphere of equality at the workplace and eliminate the barriers that exist between social classes. Managers can easily promote company values while employees enjoy a better work experience.

Corporate Uniforms production is carried out at modern facilities using highly skilled workers; we pay extreme attention to every single detail of the garment in order to guarantee a premium look comparable to high end fashion garments. We use some of the finest materials available to the industry along with high quality accessories and trim.




Ziad Salame

I tried a Uniforia waterproof jacket on a business trip to Ukraine, and i was surprised at how well it blocks the cold wind and provides for effective insulation.

Nicolas Constantine
I had a great expererience working with Uniforia. The staff went out of their way to deliver an exceptional product right on schedule.
Joelle Khoury

The hoodies were great. Everyone loved the high quality embroidery on the front. The quality held well after more than 3 months of daily use.

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