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What kind of uniforms do you provide
We supply a complete line of school, business, corporate, and hospitality uniforms, in addition to work-wear, promotional items, and other supplies across the globe.
where is manufacturing carried out
Our uniforms are made in Lebanon. We import most of the material from abroad and manufacture in state of the art facilities with highly skilled laborers located mostly in the suburbs of Beirut.
Can you implement our own designs and ideas into your products
We welcome your ideas and we're always ready to work with our customers to implement their creative designs into existing products or new ones. As long as the design is technically feasible we are eager to manufacture it.
Are there any minimum quantity requirements on uniform orders
We require a minimum quantity on orders of custom made uniforms. But we also offer a diverse line of basic items that are finished and ready to buy without any MOQs. Click here for Basics catalogue
What kind of guarantee do you offer with your products
At Uniforia, we are committed to providing high quality products and outstanding customer service every single time. Our products are 100% guaranteed against defective material or poor workmanship. Items returned within a reasonable time frame will be replaced or refunded. Any after-market changes, normal wear and tear, improper care, or damage resulting from misuse will void this warranty.

Technical Questions

Is a 100% cotton fabric better than a poly/cotton blend
No. A 100% cotton fabric is not suitable for most uniform products. Adding a little bit of polyester to the cotton gives it extra durability, reduces shrinkage, and improves the colorfastness of the garment. Keep in mind that the percentage of polyester in most fabrics should not exceed 50% or else the advantages of the fiber would be lost and the fabric will loose its rich and smooth feel. At Uniforia we directly import our textiles from reputable suppliers according to our own requirements. Most of our fabrics are made out of a 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend which is optimum for most end uses.
What kind of logo application/branding do you offer
We offer several methods for logo application/branding. Depending on the item, we can print in multiple colors using different techniques, we can embroider a logo using industrial embroideries, or we can attach a woven label to the garment. Other customized branding options are also offered depending on the items.
How do we know if our printed logo will wash away or fade when cleaned
We use Silk Screen Printing for most of our print work. This method ensures that your branding application is as clear and clean as possible, and at the same time is guaranteed against fading for more than 50 washes or more depending on the garment. As for embroidery, we use high quality thread with tested colorfastness properties to ensure the color remains as clear and vibrant as ever.
How do i make sure your sizes fit
Our sizing charts are standardized and in compliance with European and Middle Eastern sizing charts. In other words, our garments are very similar to what you would buy at your local clothing store. Keep in mind that every manufacturer makes their clothes a little differently, however our extensive experience in the field guarantees your product will look great on you while at the same time keep you comfortable throughout the day.
Do you offer any plus or irregular sizes
Yes. Some uniform orders require plus or special sizes to fit certain irregular body types. We will measure the person in question and make sure his/her uniform fits and looks great just like everyone else.
How do i best care for my uniform items
Each item has a care label sewn onto it. Please follow the instructions carefully as this will help prolong the life of the garment. If for any reason you get confused or have any further questions, feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Can i buy my school / company unforms directly from Uniforia
Uniform items must be bought (or provided) from you school / company. We do not keep stock of these uniforms and are not capable or even legally allowed to sell directly to students or employees.


Ziad Salame

I tried a Uniforia waterproof jacket on a business trip to Ukraine, and i was surprised at how well it blocks the cold wind and provides for effective insulation.

Nicolas Constantine
I had a great expererience working with Uniforia. The staff went out of their way to deliver an exceptional product right on schedule.
Joelle Khoury

The hoodies were great. Everyone loved the high quality embroidery on the front. The quality held well after more than 3 months of daily use.

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