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Ordering & FAQ

Ordering process & frequently asked questions

Ordering Process: Ready Made Products

Finished goods available in different colors and sizes. Ready for immediate customization with your logos and designs. Perfect for rush / urgent and small quantity orders.


Select Products

Browse our online catalog, add items of interest to the inquiry cart, and complete form. You can also visit our showroom to experience our products first hand.


Confirm Quotation

We will send you a quotation with prices and full details as soon as possible. Contact us for any questions or concerns or confirm to proceed with order.


Confirm Samples

Depending on the order we will prepare a simulation or actual sample of your logo / design for final approval before we proceed with production.


Receive Order

Typical orders are delivered within a week. We also offer faster delivery options when possible. 100% quality guarantee comes standard on all orders.

Ordering Process: Custom Made Products

Custom made goods with unlimited material, design, and color options. Perfect for customers looking for products with specific branding, function, and specifications. Orders require minimum quantities and longer delivery dates due to longer manufacturing process.


Define Project Purpose

Understand the exact needs of the customer and specify the right set of requirements in terms of product, materials, accessories, and features.


Approve Design & Materials

Work with our seasoned apparel designers to choose a design that best reflects your brand's image, and matches the functional purpose of your product.


Confirm Terms & Quotation

We will provide a detailed quotation complete with prices, specifications, and terms and conditions to confirm your order and proceed to sample production.


Confirm Final Samples

A final sample of each item will be provided for confirmation before bulk production. Any required changes or adjustments will be made free of charge.


Receive Order & Re-orders

Typical orders are delivered within 10 to 30 days. Our 100% quality guarantee comes standard on all items and order details are kept for easy re-ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find what you are looking for? Visit our contact page to get in touch by message or phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our Quality Guarantee

We stand behind our products. In addition to importing our own high quality fabrics, accessories, and materials, every step of the manufacturing process is performed in-house and controlled by us. Nothing is left to chance and nothing is outsourced to cheap third party factories (a common practice in our industry). Our products are 100% guaranteed against defective material and/or poor workmanship. Goods that do not match our specifications or confirmed final samples in terms of design, quality, or durability can be returned by the customer for exchange or refund.

Size and Fit

We use European and Middle Eastern standard size charts for most of our products unless otherwise requested by the customer. Our pattern making, grading, and spreading processes are completely computerized and made by CAD software in order to minimize errors, improve accuracy and consistency, and also reduce material wastage. We offer different fits according to our customers’ requirements such as standard, modern, slim, and relaxed fit. Sizes and Fit can be adjusted or changed by the customer as needed on custom made orders.

How do I care / wash my purchased product?

Each item has a care label sewn onto it. Please follow the instructions carefully as this will help prolong the life of the garment. If for any reason you get confused or have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Beirut, Lebanon. We use the latest tools, machinery, and methods available to our industry to make high quality products that meet strict international quality standards. Our workforce is highly skilled and well trained. We provide our workers with a healthy and safe work environment, livable  wages and fair labor practices, and we focus on environmental sustainability in everything we do. Some items that cannot be manufactured locally are imported by us from reputable suppliers around the world.

Where does the material and fabric come from?

For quality reasons, all of the materials and fabrics used in our products are sourced from international suppliers. We do not buy ready available goods as the quality cannot be guaranteed. Our fabrics are specifically manufactured to our own set of requirements and adhere to the highest textile standards specified by the ASTM and AATCC organizations. Our color matching and colorfastness requirements guarantee the highest levels of color consistency throughout future orders, and ensure that the garment will maintain its color after extensive wearing and washing.

Can you implement our own designs / ideas into new products?

We welcome your ideas and we’re always ready to work with our customers to implement their creative designs into existing products or new ones. As long as the design is technically feasible we are eager to manufacture it.

Ordering and Delivery Time

Custom Made vs Ready Made Orders

Custom made products are items that are manufactured to order. The design and fit of the products can be customized according to the client’s requirements, and the choices of material and colors are endless. You also have more options and flexibility when it comes to printing and embroidery.

Custom made products are manufactured when the order is placed and hence require more time for delivery. Also due to cutting / production limitations these items require an MOQ or minimum order quantity per item and per size for us to be able to process the order.

Ready made products are finished items that are always available in our regular inventory. Customers can order as many items / size as needed. Quantity and colors are subject to availability. The design, fit, and material cannot be changed and color choices are limited. These items can be printed or embroidered almost immediately and therefore require less time to be delivered.

How much time will my order need to be ready?

Delivery time depends on several factors including type of product, order quantity, and factory production schedule at time of order. In general ready made products with design application are delivered within 10 days of confirmation, while custom made products with design application require 20-30 days.
Orders of blank (without printing/embroidery) ready made items can be delivered within 2 days.
In certain circumstances we are able to expedite orders and deliver sooner. Please contact us for rush / urgent orders and we will do our best to deliver on time.

Do you provide a sample for final approval?

Depending on the order, we might be able to provide samples for final confirmation before production. This applies to most custom made orders. Due to the costs associated with sample making, we require a final confirmation of the order by the customer in order to make samples. Any adjustments or changes required will be made and if another sample is required, it will be provided free of charge.

Quantities and Minimum Orders

What is the minimum order quantity or MOQ?

Minimum order quantities depend on the item and design application type, but as a general rule of thumb:

Apparel Manufacturing:
For ready made items, MOQ is usually 10 pcs / item.
For custom made items, MOQ usually ranges between 40 and 100 pcs / item.
Logo & Design Application:
For screen printing, MOQ is usually around 30 pcs.
For embroidery, MOQ is usually around 10 pcs.

If your order does not meet our MOQ requirements please get in touch and we will do our best to find a solution if possible. But also note that as with most manufacturing processes, the cost is a function of quantity. In other terms, we can offer lower prices as your order quantity goes up.

Custom order quantity variation

Due to cutting and production limitations we cannot guarantee the delivered quantity will match your order quantity. Fabric pattern cutting must be optimized in order to save on material and size quantities must be cut in multiples of 10 otherwise production costs will go up substantially. We will work with our customers to reach a workable quantity / size distribution before production but nevertheless the delivered quantity often varies.

We have an industry standard quantity variation allowance of up to 5% on the whole order. This could mean a few extra pcs or a few pcs less. We do have control over whether you might receive less qty or more qty, but we cannot control the exact variation qty. So please do take this into consideration when placing orders and let us know if you prefer to have a few extra pcs or a few pcs less in case there is a variation at all.

Quantity variation due to defects

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process and multiple steps involved, there is always a risk of damaging an item. This could be due to defective material from our suppliers, errors by our workers, or simply machine malfunction / power outage etc. We employ strict quality control measures at every step of the production process and during finishing and packing of goods to make sure the customer does not receive and is not billed for any defective item. Unfortunately this also means that in some cases the quantity delivered does not match the quantity ordered and we are unable to manufacture the missing quantity again. Therefore we urge our customers to order a few extra pcs in case exact order quantities are required. We have an industry standard defect allowance of up to 3%.

Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing, also known as serigraphy, is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. A blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh with ink, and another stroke then causes the screen to touch the substrate momentarily along a line of contact. This causes the ink to transfer from the mesh onto the substrate / garment. One color is printed at a time, so several screens have to be used to produce a multi-colored image or design. This process can be manual or automated.

What are the advantages of Screen Printing?

The main advantages of screen printing are versatility and durability. The process can apply long-lasting designs and images to virtually any printable surface and fabric including natural, synthetic, and blended fabrics.

Another major advantage of screen printing is its durability. Compared to other printing methods, the screen printing process can apply very heavy ink coverage, resulting in a longer-lasting design. If applied properly a screen print will outlast the life of the garment.

A third advantage of screen printing is the vibrancy of the ink colors. The greater ink thickness achieved with the screen printing method means more color pigments are applied to the substrate. The more pigments, the bolder and brighter the colors. In addition, many screen-printed projects use PMS or “spot” colors. For multi-colored designs, these spot colors are applied as separate layers, allowing each color to maintain its true brilliancy.

Can you print a photographic picture?

While screen printing gives the best results with vector designs and illustrations, photographic images can be printed by using special inks and a process known as CMYK screen printing. This process does have a few limitations when it comes to color accuracy, resolution, and printable material. It usually works best on white color substrates/fabrics.

Is there a charge for making the screens?

Screen setup costs are included in the quoted price. When customers pay for a screen setup, they are paying for the labor of applying the image to a screen, as well as setting up the job. The customer owns the artwork, not the screen(s).

Do you keep the screens for re-orders?

We use state of the art re-stretchable screens that are very expensive, therefore after a job is completed, we will reclaim the screen and use it again for other jobs. We have an industry standard misprint allowance of 2-3% per order. You will not be billed for misprints, but please order a few extra shirts to compensate for this if exact quantities are required.

What are the artwork requirements for screen printing?

Vector designs and illustrations in Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator or Corel Draw format are best suited for screen printing and will result in a high quality clean and clear print. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide high quality artwork that can be used for printing. Low quality / resolution images, hardcopy printed material, and other non-useable design formats will require graphic design work and additional fees will apply.

Can I mix and match items & colors?

Sometimes. Different items or mixed colors are ok as long as the ink colors and screen type used are the same. Depending on the order, you must order at least 10 pcs of each item color. If we need to change ink colors for the same print job, or need a different screen type, additional fees will apply.

Do you provide sample prints for approval?

Depending on the order, we are sometimes able to provide a sample print on a piece of fabric in picture format or actual hard copy for final confirmation before mass printing. For multi-color jobs and due the time required to set up the job on the machine, we might require the customer to confirm the sample right away so as not to put the whole printing factory on hold.

After-sample changes to color can be made but any changes to design or size will require new screens and therefore extra charges and time delay.


What is embroidery?

Embroidery a technique whereby a thread and a needle is used to impart a design or logo onto a fabric. We employ state of the art multi-head computerized embroidery machines along with high quality specialized embroidery threads and backing material to created stunning embroideries that are clean, clear and beautiful to look at.

Which designs can be embroidered?

Vector designs and illustrations in Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator or Corel Draw format are best suited for screen printing and will result in a high quality clean and clear embroidery. Designs with tiny details are challenging but we will do our best to apply a clean embroidery. We will inform the customer beforehand in case the design or logo cannot be applied in a way that meets our standards for quality and clarity.

How small can you get?

The ability to embroider small details and letters depends on a lot of factors such as the fabric, backing material used, and the shape of the design / letters. We use advanced machines and fine needles / threads that allow us to go smaller than most of our competitors, but at the end of the day there are physical limitations to the process and we have to work within them so as not to sacrifice the quality and clarity of the embroidery.

Can you embroider photographic images?

No. It is physically impossible to impart a detailed multicolored photographic image onto a fabric using needles and threads. But sometimes if we go big enough on size and use gradient techniques along with altering stitch direction, we are able to create a good reflection of the image.

Is there a charge for making / digitizing embroidery films?

No. we do not charge for the process of digitizing your design / logo unless the artwork provided is very poor and requires a graphic designer to draw the design again before digitizing.

Do you provide sample embroideries for approval?

Depending on the order, we are sometimes able to provide a sample embroidery on a piece of fabric in picture format or actual hard copy for final confirmation before production. Changes and adjustments to design, thread color, and size can be made for free but might cause a delay in time of delivery.

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